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The evidential standards of modern evolutionist science represent probably the lowest point in intellectual degeneration reached by civilized man in the past two thousand years. All is wildest assumption and limitless credulity, and with no other end in view than to arrive, by hook or by crook, at the most debased view of human origins that the mind of man is capable of conceiving.

A. N. Field

If there is an organization in the United States more ideologically corrupt and deceitful than the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), I have never heard about it. The NAS protects its evolutionist speculations with lies and subterfuge as its hierarchy sets theoretical science back a thousand years.

Understanding the Atheist/Evolutionist Mindset

The fundamental pseudo-scientific premise of the NAS is this: There is no Creator/Designer. Their deductive conclusion from this arbitrary religious premise is: Therefore, atheist materialist molecules-to-man evolution must be true. That is the sum of their pseudo-science. There is nothing more to it. Inductive observation and experiment are utterly absent from their system. The NAS has become an organization of atheist ideologues, not scientists searching for the truth in nature. Let us try to understand this atheist evolutionist mindset . . .

Sir Francis Darwin, as editor of his father’s Life and Letters, wrote of his father’s propensity for speculation that “it was as though he were charged with a theorizing power ready to flow into any channel on the slightest disturbance.” Darwin’s elder brother Erasmus wrote to Charles after reading his copy of The Origin of Species: “The a priori reasoning is so entirely satisfactory to me that if the facts won’t fit in, why so much the worse for the facts is my feeling.”

“If the facts won’t fit in, so much the worse for the facts” is the unspoken motto of the NAS today. Darwin’s a priori reasoning was not a step forward for science but a great leap backwards. Theologians in Medieval Europe, also using the a priori method, reasoned from one false proposition to another, until they had built up a great tower of pseudo-science, tempered with false religious mortar, until the great Roger Bacon, and 300 years later, Francis Bacon, with his Novum Organum (New Instrument, observation and experiment) taught people to learn by inductive facts rather than by traditional deduction. Before that time, everybody accepted the teaching of Aristotle, the founder of formal logic, that heavy bodies fall to earth faster than light ones. Galileo disproved it by dropping objects of various weights from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

True science follows the a posteriori method, insisting that an assertion can only be known to be true on the basis of experience and evidence. The NAS prefers the a priori method of Aristotle (Plato’s most famous pupil), believing that their atheist foundation can be known to be true independent of any experience or evidence. What Darwin “knew” to be true and the religious atheists at the NAS today “know” to be true by the unscientific a priori method is that there is no Creator/Designer.

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On the eve of publication

(Nov. 23, 1859),

Darwin wrote to his friend, Sir Charles Lyell, “Often a cold shudder runs through me, and I have asked myself whether I may not have devoted my life to a phantasy.

Two days later, Darwin wrote to Thomas Huxley, “I had awful misgivings, and thought perhaps I had deluded myself as so many have done.