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    Oprah Winfrey, the queen of popular culture, experienced a passionate soulish transformation in the months prior to her anointing of Barack Obama as her choice for president of the United States. Oprah abandoned any belief she may have had in Christ and God, and welcomed the proclamations of the Genesis serpent as truth. Oprah did not encounter the ancient serpent directly; she embraced the serpent’s teachings through one of its most deluded apostles, a very strange man named Eckhart Tolle.

    Eckhart Tolle, according to his own account, after a childhood of trauma and a young adult life of despair and depression, at age twenty-nine, experienced a psychic split in his personality. During this bizarre episode, his ego or his “false suffering self” collapsed, leaving him with the realization of his “true nature as the ever-present I am, consciousness in its pure state prior to identification with form.” Not long after that, he entered into what he calls his “new incarnation as a spiritual teacher.” Believe it or not, Tolle thinks that he has become the greatest living spiritual teacher by overcoming “egoic delusion.” Through her television show and her Web site, Oprah made bestsellers of Tolle’s books, The Power of Now (TPN) and A New Earth (ANE).

    According to Tolle, the Sacred Scriptures are no longer sacred, having lost their essence, power, and inspiration. Tolle himself is now the ultimate interpreter of all things spiritual. Tolle’s words, not Christ’s, “contain a great deal of spiritual power;” Tolle’s books, not the Scriptures, are “spiritually alive” (TPN, p. 8, ANE, p. 7). Tolle scoffs at the central tenet of Christianity, Christ’s bodily resurrection from the dead, calling it one of many “myths” (TPN, p. 115). Paul wrote, “Now if Christ has not been roused, for naught, consequently, is our heralding, and for naught is your faith” (I Corinthians 15:14).

Embracing and Spreading the Ancient Serpent’s Lies as Truth

    Oprah accepts Tolle’s doctrine in toto and promotes it globally with a fervor unmatched in her other pursuits, so we may call the foundation of their belief system the Tolle/Oprah doctrine. It is more broadly and accurately called the Serpent/Tolle/Oprah doctrine because it is based on the lies presented to Eve by the ancient serpent in Eden, matching those lies exactly. In New Age lingo, Tolle and Oprah channel the “enlightenment” of the Genesis serpent. If we were to put the Serpent/Tolle/Oprah doctrine into the form of a bumper sticker or a sound bite it would be this: “Forget Christ and the Bible. Believe the Serpent, Oprah, and Tolle.” In short, the Serpent/Tolle/Oprah doctrine makes a mockery of Christ and all of Scripture . . .

     Since it promotes human reptile descent as the explanation for humanity’s origins, the Serpent/Tolle/Oprah doctrine is one of the Moronocracy’s most widely accepted religions, a religion ever so compatible with the pseudo-science of the National Academy of Sciences. Within the confines of the Moronocracy, the ideas of chance human reptile descent and serpent-inspired “enlightenment” mesh in a way that only the most unthinking minds could accept.

    The false teaching inherent in the Oprah/Tolle/Serpent doctrine is bad enough. What makes it a thousand times worse, appallingly reprehensible even, is the fact that Oprah tells the lie of lies about it. She introduces her online class presenting the Oprah/Tolle/Serpent doctrine by asserting that it “is not for or against any religion.” Not against Christianity? For the purpose of grasping the destructive violence that the Serpent/Tolle/Oprah doctrine does to Christianity, picture the complete Word of God as existing on baked clay tablets. Now visualize Oprah and Tolle taking sledgehammers to them. Those who seek to obliterate the very foundation of Christianity—the Word of God in general and the resurrection of Christ in particular—are not against it? On Oprah’s Web site, next to the words, “This online class is not for or against any religion,” she has placed an image of the spire of a Christian church with a cross at its top. How much more spiritually and morally corrupted could Oprah be? There is an answer to that question: Functioning as high priestess of Serpent/Tolle/Oprah doctrine, she could magnify her spiritual corruption by anointing Barack Obama as her choice to be president of the United States.

How Barack Hussein Obama Became the 44th President of the United States

    Oprah did, in fact, anoint Obama. Using the teaching and language of her mankind-exalting, serpent-inspired religion, Oprah anointed Obama with glorifying praise. Obama and his wife, Michelle, welcomed the anointing with elation. In Matthew 4:1-11, Satan offered Christ all the kingdoms of the world. Christ refused the offer. Oprah, her soul thoroughly permeated with the serpent’s spirit of deceit, offered Obama the seat of rule in the most powerful nation on earth. Obama welcomed it. How did this happen? . . .

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In Iowa, Oprah said, “But when you listen to Barack Obama, when you really hear him, you witness a politician who has a tongue dipped in unvarnished truth.” Scripture tells us the opposite: “Yet the tongue can no man tame - a turbulent evil, distended with death-carrying venom” (James 3:8).

Obama became our 44th president, thanks to his anointing by a spiritual fraud, Oprah Winfrey, who garners her beliefs from the mumbo jumbo of a Scripture-mocking charlatan, Eckhart Tolle, who builds his teaching directly on the lies of the Genesis serpent.