The MMM’s function is not to discern and report what is true and what is false, but to uphold the honor of the Obama-idol.

The Obama-idol is always right.

All of the proclamations of the Obama-idol are intelligent and wise.

Moving in and out of his temple with ritualistic devotion, the members of the MMM priesthood sacrifice their journalistic principles on the altar of their Obama-idol.

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The Malleable Marxist Media (MMM) are the Moronocracy’s propagandists. As such, they must be just as deluded as the rest of the Moronocracy, if not more so. They must lack the ability to analyze what they are writing, discern contradictions, and in addition, be oblivious to the other gross flaws in their own logic. They are the spiritually blind and intellectually stupid scribes of our era, shills for the pseudo-scientific morons of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), and the Darwinist/Marxist regime of Barack Obama. The deceptions of the MMM are wide-ranging; we can’t cover them all in this chapter. We’re going to focus on their blatant, consistent lies centering around the most important question concerning humanity: Where do we come from? As they routinely and reflexively deceive their audiences about the answer to that crucial question, we may logically infer that they will lie about anything . . .

Narcissus and Echo / Obama and the MMM: An Optimistic Tale of Four Ancient Curses

As we have learned in previous chapters, Barack Hussein Obama is a malignant narcissist and pathological liar caught up in the destructive thought patterns of Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. Even more troubling is the fact that the MMM, suffering from an Obama-inspired narcosis, shirk their duty, refusing to publish or even explore any aspect of Obama’s dark side. But why? The general answer is that Obama is a Darwinist and a Marxist, and so are almost all the members of the MMM, in fact if not in name; and they are also the spawn of Plato’s Academia. The Marxist orientation of the members of the MMM is the logical consequence of their belief in, and promotion of NAS a priori Dark Age pseudo-science, although many of them are blind to this undeniable connection. NAS pseudo-science, an atheistic explanation of our origins based on mere chance, demands as its political and economic counterpart a philosophy that also denies the existence of our Creator. Marxism meets that requirement perfectly. Calling the MMM liberal or progressive, instead of Darwinist and Marxist, ignores the reality of what is happening in our country: The bulldozer of atheism, fueled by Darwinism and Marxism, is in the process of demolishing respect for the Word of God and America’s founding principles with it.

For more specific insight into the bond between Obama and the MMM, all we need do is trace Obama’s malignant narcissism back to its source and namesake, Narcissus. Waiting for us there, in the ancient story as told by the Roman poet Ovid, we find the MMM’s counterpart in the nymph Echo who faithfully repeated the words of Narcissus.

According to Ovid, Narcissus did not fall in love with his own reflection by accident; he was cursed by Nemesis for mocking others, a mockery based upon his audacious pride: “pride so cold that no youth, no maiden touched his heart.” As for Echo, it was her dishonesty and deception that caused Hera to curse her so that her body would dwindle away to a mere voice able only to echo the words of Narcissus. Self-pride animates Obama. How many others have produced (claimed to have written) two autobiographies? Likewise, the dishonest and deceptive reporting of the MMM in favor of its Darwinist and Marxist bias is now common knowledge. Narcissus is from the Greek, Narkissos, meaning narcotic or benumbing. That is the effect Narcissus had upon Echo, and that is precisely the effect Obama has on the MMM.

Comparing the particulars of the original Narcissus and Echo tale to Obama and the MMM will shed some surprising light upon two otherwise very puzzling political phenomena: the strangeness of Obama’s infatuation with himself, and the strangeness of the MMM’s infatuation with Obama. My quotes from the original story come from Frank Justice Miller’s translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Volume I, Book III, pages 149 – 161 . . .

The Curse on Narcissus and Obama

Now let’s compare the ancient curse on Narcissus with the modern curse that has made Obama a pathological narcissist:

Narcissus was a mocker: “Thus had Narcissus mocked [Echo], thus had he mocked other nymphs of the waves or mountains; thus had he mocked the companies of men.”

Obama is a mocker. His political career began in the home of America-mocker and Marxist domestic terrorist, William Ayers. His childhood mentor, the card-carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis, was an America mocker. Obama sat for twenty years under the tutelage of an America-mocking Marxist preacher, Jeremiah Wright. In Obama’s mind, America was an immoral nation until he took over . . .

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